SBCDS presents

Contra Dancing and
English Country Dancing

February 8, 2020

English Country Ball

An invitation to...

Par-ti-ci-pate in Life

For example, dance with us, even if you think you cannot!

New dancers welcome! No need to BYO Partner.

And did we mention how FUN it is? Some of us get sore cheeks from smiling so hard!

NPR audio:
Youth Flock to Contra Dancing

Why We Contra Dance
New York Times article that turbo-charged the NYC English Country Dance:
In Step with Jane Austen

Open to the public:

a contra dance on most Sundays, on one of the best dance floors anywhere.

an English Country dance in Santa Barbara almost every Tuesday and on some Sunday afternoons.

A typical Sunday evening event includes mostly contra dances (what's that?), maybe a circle mixer and/or a traditional square dance, two waltzes and another couple dance.

The English Country dances (what's that?) feature dances in a variety of formations, tempos, moods, etc., published as early as the 17th century and as late as today. Every so often we like to dress up in period garb.

Curious about Longsword Morris? Check out the Pacific Sword Company. Some other forms of Morris, too.

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