English Country Dance

Santa Barbara Country Dance Society

Santa Barbara English Country Dance 

We hope you can join us for learning and enjoying English Country Dance!

First Presbyterian Church of Santa Barbara
21 E. Constance Ave.
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

First, Third, and Fifth Sundays (with some exceptions).
New dancer instruction at 1:45, dancing 2:00 to 4:15 pm.

Doors open at 1:40.

Price with Live Music $10, recorded music $5
November 2023 to February 2024 Schedule
Date Caller
Band (if any)
November 2023
5 Frannie Marr & Alice Williams  Green Willow (Jeff Spero, Frank Hoppe, and Laura Osborn)
19 Susan Evans  
December 2023
3 Lindsay Verbil Susan McNeill & Frank Hoppe
17 Frannie Marr & Alice Williams Audrey Leigh Jabber & Jeff Spero
January 2024
In January we will begin focusing on dances for our upcoming Winter Dreams Ball. Note the additional Sunday dates:   
Susan Evans & Alice Williams  
14 Susan Evans & Alice Williams  
21  Susan Evans & Alice Williams  
February 2024
Ball Review
11  Ball Review

Winter Dreams
English Country Ball Weekend

With Joanna Reiner Wilkinson, Shira Kammen, Karen Axelrod, and Audrey Leigh Jaber
Winter Dreams Ball on Saturday (17th)
Special Sunday Afternoon Dance (18th)

More Info here


Covid-19 Requirements
Masks and vaccinations are encouraged but requirements have been dropped.
We assume all will use common sense when symptoms are present.

  Beginners are welcome, cherished even. No need to bring a partner.
Dress for comfort. We recommend low or flat shoes that don't stick.
Santa Barbara Country Dance Society

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