Spring 2016 Contra Dance Schedule

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Spring 2016 Contra Dance Schedule [ Previous Schedules

march 2016
6 $12/$10 Jacqui Grennan Kindred Hoofits
13 $12/$10 Jean Gorrindo Michael's Mixed Nuts
Celebrating the Wedding of Paul Hartloff & Mary Hobson
Music by Seattle's KGB, contra dance calling by Susan Petrick and Frannie Marr
1:30–2:00 Contra dance lesson
2:00–5:00 Contra dance
5:00–6:30 Potluck. Paul & Mary provide the main dish, coffee, lemonade, wedding cake, plates and utensils. So, please bring an appetizer or side dish to share.
6:00–6:30 Contra dance lesson
6:30–9:30 Contra dance, wedding cake at 7:45–8:15
Note: Free untimed parking all day on the public streets
april 2016
3 $12/$10 Jon Southard Susan Michaels The Glencoe Project
10 $12/$10 Jacqui Grennan Uncle Farmer
24 $12/$10 Warren Blier Celtic Spring
may 2016
1 $12/$10 Frannie Marr Audacious*** (Larry Unger, Audrey Knuth, Bill Tomczak)
8 $12/$10 Erik Hoffman Ben Schreiber, George Paul
Special English Country Dance 2:00–5:00 in the afternoon
Annie Laskey*** Pâté de Faux Gras (Michael Mendelson, Suzanne Duffy, Jeff Spero)
Another Almost-Weekly Contra Dance at the usual time
Jean Gorrindo Chopped Liver
22 $12/$10 Andy Shore Boomerang (Bonnie Insull, Frank Hoppe, Jeff Spero)
29 $12/$10
5:00–6:30 Memorial Day Weekend Potluck
Jean Gorrindo Celtic Spring
* Prices are non-member/member. Prices at the door might include a suggested higher price to help with our deficit.
** We give up a few Sundays each year so others will have an opportunity to rent the hall on a Sunday night.
*** indicates a Santa Barbara debut. 
Contra dances @ Carrillo Ballroom unless otherwise stated.
100 E. Carrillo St.
Santa Barbara, CA

Thursday Oak Park dances at the Oak Park Dance Platform, on Junipero near Calle Real, behind the park parking lot on Junipero.

Oak Park dances are weather permitting.

Dance time: 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. unless otherwise stated.
New dancer orientation: one-half hour before dance time.

Admission: $12, except when it's more, or less, as stated.

Discounts: Members, $2 discount; Teens and students to 24, $5 admission; 12 and under, free. No discount for festivals or our low-price Oak Park dances.

Dance every Sunday except where noted.

Christmas Night (December 25) dance most years, usually free. Usual starting time, 6:30 p.m.

Refreshments provided by dancers like you. Drinking fountain in the Ballroom Lobby. Stay hydrated.

On occasion, a dance is canceled, rescheduled, or relocated; always double check before traveling for a dance. Personnel, price and schedule are subject to change.

Santa Barbara contra dances are brought to you by the Santa Barbara Country Dance Society and the City of Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation Department.

Santa Barbara City Parks & Recreation Dept.

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