Fall 2016 Contra Dance Schedule

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Membership is $30 per calendar year. To become a member, just fill out a membership form available at the dance and pay the $30 fee. Note there is no prorating. The earlier in the year you join the more you could save.

Member savings does not apply to student/teen rate or to English Country dances.

Fall 2016 Contra Dance Schedule—Sundays [ Previous Schedules

september 2016
4 $12/$10 John Rogers Kindren Hoofits
11 $12/$10 Susan Michaels The Glencoe Project
18 $12/$10 Jacqui Ann Grennan Flutatious
25 $12/$10 Jean Gorrindo Mason, Weed & Burch
october 2016
2 $12/$10 Frannie Marr Devil's Box String Band
9 $12/$10 Jean Gorrindo The Offbeats***
16 $18
no discounts
6:30 to 10:00 Post Harvest-Moon Dance!
Bob Isaacs Clayfoot Strutters
30 $12/$10 Halloween Costume Ball (costumes admired; not required)
Susan Michaels Steam!
november 2016
6 $12/$10 Frannie Marr The Glencoe Project
13 $12/$10 Jean Gorrindo The Growling Old Geezers
$12/$10 Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Potluck, 5–6 p.m. Turkey provided!
John Rogers Calamity House
27 $12/$10 Warren Blier Celtic Spring
* Prices are non-member/member.
** We give up a few Sundays each year so others will have an opportunity to rent the hall on a Sunday night.
*** indicates a Santa Barbara debut. 
Contra dances @ Carrillo Ballroom unless otherwise stated.
100 E. Carrillo St.
Santa Barbara, CA

Dance time: 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. unless otherwise stated.
New dancer orientation: one-half hour before dance time.

Admission: $12, except when it's more, or less, as stated.

Discounts: Members, $2 discount; Teens and students to 24, $5 admission; 12 and under, free. No discount for festivals.

Dance every Sunday except where noted.

Christmas Night (December 25) dance most years, usually free. Usual starting time, 6:30 p.m.

Refreshments provided by dancers like you. Drinking fountain in the Ballroom Lobby. Stay hydrated.

On occasion, a dance is canceled, rescheduled, or relocated; always double check before traveling for a dance. Personnel, price and schedule are subject to change.

Santa Barbara contra dances are brought to you by the Santa Barbara Country Dance Society and the City of Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation Department.

Santa Barbara City Parks & Recreation Dept.

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